Selections from:  bursting at the seams

poetry by Ganson Salmon

the Stage

what a strange place to be

the stage

i have never known another like it

here, each sense is magnified


humans are set free

to roam about emotion

flat surface becomes a passageway

door to anywhere

those who are witnesses have entered

this feeding place for the senses

as they consume and experience the journey

the one on stage must lead them

experiencing too, the ride

aware, awake, engulfed


wild eyed expressions of the human condition

a beautiful curse

chained to expression by desire

what a strange place to be

stick around

stick around, mysterious summer

have yourself a sip of pleasure

delirious sunlight can be so inebriating

take a load off, plastered to the sand carpet

lather this place in time with epiphanies

milky breeze, oh that's good

and now, such humble understanding

never felt this way before

stretch out

renewed in the feather arms of a smile

a day like today

beneath a blanket of fog

my quiet neighborhood begins its morning ritual

drowsily rising

i am still covered in dew

move slowly, my love

step quietly

earth and i, we need a moment

thinking of one another

smiling, as morning light spreads its fingers

nothing, nothing could close the door between us

out the window, a day like today

brings a man to his knees

everlasting truth of mere happiness

it called my name, on a walk

as i smiled, and bit the apple